Mitch Gerson |


For 29 years, Mitch has assisted clients of all sizes and industries in his various roles at the largest recruitment marketing agencies in the world, including as an influential founding member of a top 3 digital recruitment marketing programmatic platform startup in NYC.

From having helped to establish the very first Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with Hasbro toys in North America, to one of the first digital, global career sites for Campbell Soup, Mitch is one of the most experienced professionals in the Recruitment Marketing industry. His award-winning experience spans delivering digital strategy, streaming radio, SEM, SEO, programmatic, website, job board, digital billboard, and more to some of the most well- known brands and companies in the world.

Smaller budgets, smaller margins and more have been a drag on companies for the last couple of years, and Mitch has been there with his valued clients to always find a way to get the job done – no matter what the challenge.

He’s inspired needed change, and has helped companies through the good times and the bad, with a number of client relationships turning into long-term friendships.

As a public speaker, and moderator – he understands firsthand what you and your team are up against.

If you need someone in your corner who’s got your back – you’ve found the right partner.

Fun facts: When Mitch isn’t going on amusement park rides with his wife and kids, or cheering them on from the sidelines in Soccer or Tennis, he’s likely working on his 80’s video game and pinball arcade in his basement. Yup. The 80’s are back, and they live in his basement.

Jesse Wroblewski |

Marketing Director

Meet Jesse Wroblewski, our resident marketing director.  Jesse’s left-brain releases OCD-fighting endorphins when things work smoothly and efficiently while his right-brain is always working to assist him with his true passion, helping brands desperate for distinction.

Fun facts: Jesse runs a successful instagram account devoted to all things horror, featuring oddities from his collection as well as custom creations of his own. Check out Chainsaw Estates.

Brendan Bailey |

Creative Director

After Brendan gets home from a long day of creating cutting-edge digital design of all facets, he likes to kick back and create cutting edge digital design for fun. Notably, his own virtual pinball machine, “Junkyard Cats” features design, programming, characters, voiceover and music all completely original to Brendan’s creative mind. Brendan is also an Eagle Scout, so you know he’s always prepared.

Fun facts: Brendan also moonlights as a commercial voice over artist! You can hear his demo reel at

Michael Kirsten |

Global director of marketing, europe

Michael lives in Hamburg Germany, and most recently was the Global Head of Content Marketing at Kelly Services. In the last 15 years Michael has designed and implemented global marketing campaigns across Europe, Asia and North America to strengthen employer brands, improve candidate experiences, identify the latest trends in the recruitment market and help companies to connect with talent across the globe. Michael owns a highly successful consulting company out of Hamburg – guiding some of most well known brands in the world though his  “Human Marketing” techniques ( Michael is an affiliate of TGA – and his expertise is available to help guide our clients as needed on a global basis with a very unique creative lens.


Fun facts: When Michael is not exploring the world with his teenage daughter or spending time with his friends watching football (Soccer to us here in the U.S.), he is likely spending his time on books or newspapers following political developments in the U.S .and the U.K.