Employees are looking for the right fit of empathy and flexibility. We can help you with crafting the right messaging, and identifying the right places to find the talent that’s important to your mutual success.

Everyday we help our clients enhance their existing recruitment marketing strategies and generate more job applications from qualified applicants. How? By building their reputation online using carefully crafted video, online reviews, and social media.

Your employees’ stories are your stories – we can help ensure that you’re showing just how important your current and future employees are to your culture and company’s success.

Recruitment Specific
Capabilities include:

• Video Content
• YouTube Ads
• Google Ads
• Social Media Posts
• Employer Value Proposition (EVP)
• Online Reviews
• Job board review makeover (Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn)
• Anti-Ghosting Follow Up Content
• Professional Job Ads that will resonate with candidates
• Culture Insights
• Performance Reporting


Discover and fix the gaps in your recruiting strategy.

Request an audit of your employer branding and recruitment marketing efforts.

You’ll receive a letter grade about the efficacy of your job ads, your brand messaging, social media presence, and even your candidate experience.

The initial call takes 30 minutes. The audit review takes 30-60 minutes.

You’ll get a wrapped up report along with our recommendations that you can implement yourself or get a quote from us to implement for you.

*$500 flat fee is required to initiate an assessment. 100% of which would be applied to a future TGA engagement for Social Media Reputation Management.