Is your employer monitoring you. YES.

Let the WFH surveillance commence! Then again – your company is likely already watching you. Believe it or not – there are some companies using your webcam to monitor your eye moments if you’re logging into their system remotely to do your job.

Jennifer Brick does a great job of exposing some of the ways your employer is likely watching you (probably right now!) Are you working for a company that monitors your work? – how does that impact how you feel about your role?

I once left a role at a company that informed us that they were about to roll out A.I. that was going to “watch our moves remotely on our PC, to see how we can improve” and provide us with a daily work score (!)

In all honesty, we’re really great at employer branding, but I’m going to have to say, I would have a hard time putting a positive spin on this one!

What say you?