What does GenZ want from an employer?

I met Danielle Farage , a workplace futurist, and Gen Z advocate, during a round table from the good folks at JobSync; and she and I ended up chatting on an off over the last few weeks about the challenges that Gen Z have faced – specifically coming of age professionally during the pandemic.

But even taking that off the table, if you think that your recruitment marketing pitch that you finally perfected for the Millennials will suffice – you’d be very wrong.

Gen Z wants something different from you, and your organization.

Interestingly, this may be the first generation of professionals that may not have ever even stepped a foot in your beautiful brand new office. Yet you’ve just hired them due to the shifting sands of the pandemic fully remotely – likely via a social media outreach too.

Danielle has a very clear vision of Gen Z – and has done an amazing job very eloquently sharing why she and other Gen Z’ers want something perhaps a little different than perhaps her Millennial colleagues.

I hope that you enjoy this brief conversation – as much as I did.