A very Creative – Creative Director! – Brendan Bailey of the Gerson Agency.

I’m incredibly lucky to have people like Brendan Bailey in my life.
As the creative force behind The Gerson Agency, LLC his creativity blows me away every day. To give you just a taste of his abilities, check out his new pet project – Nixie.

He’s building a video game completely on his own – creating all of the art, animation, sounds, music, game levels, and more as you can see. His character Nixie has sprung to life – as a result of his creative passion.

Even his development log website – (link below) – is all his art and design.

The ability to transcend so many creative abilities is inspiring to me, and why I’ve always enjoyed being surrounded by talented folks like Brendan.

Check out his game – but even better, ask me how we could build a custom recruitment game for you!