How can companies use programmatic recruitment to their advantage with a smaller budget?

Michael Kirsten and I continue our 1:1’s this week with a topic near to my heart – and my love of technology. Programmatic recruitment marketing has moved us from simple duration job postings to a more rational CPC (cost per click) model that has literally changed the very way recruitment marketing works.

The advantage? – smaller companies can effectively compete with larger ones. The catch? – you need a strong team to support you as there’s true science and art behind the management of programmatic.

It’s very much the same as managing your own 401(k) vs having a professional do it. There’s too much at stake to risk doing this on your own and we can help.

That’s why we use Appcast, Inc as our platform of choice and the best-in-class job sites such as, a Jobcase companyAdzunaJobcase, Inc.Dice, and more! (up to over 200 publishers)