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Why the GERSON agency?

As we all know, times and the world have changed at a pace never before seen in our lifetimes. Companies are hiring less, some industries have razor-thin margins, and radically smaller Talent Acquisition departments to support the needs that exist. 

The common theme?  Big recruitment ad agencies are not able (or willing) to adapt to the new normal.

This is why we’ve partnered with some of the most influential recruitment marketing, traditional consumer marketing, and recruitment technology companies & professionals in the world today – to create something new.

Ultimately, we knew it was time to do something different. We see ourselves as smart and nimble. 

Don’t pay for what you definitely don’t need.

Our Mission

Our experience has shown us most agencies have lost their way. We promise to do better in our every interaction, getting to know you and what’s important to your success. Simply put – your needs are our needs.

industry awards

BEST OF CATEGORY: EMA Creative Excellence Awards.  CAMPBELL SOUP

BEST OF CATEGORY:  EMA Creative Excellence Awards. PETSMART

2ND PLACE: EMA Creative Excellence Awards. PATIENT CARE INC


•  BERNARD HODES GROUP | Agency Service Award

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